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The doctoral school Director holds office hours every Wednesday afternoon: with or without an appointment (05 57 57 19 62).


PhD student room

A computer room at the exclusive use of our PhD students  : Place de la Victoire - Bât D - 1st floor, on the right of the staircase. A secured key box has been installed at the entrance of the room. To know the unlocking code, contact the secretariat of the doctoral school.


Graduate Research School website

The University of Bordeaux has set up a structure dedicated entirely to doctoral studies, the Graduate Research School.


Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on doctoral training reform resulting from the Order of 25 May 2016.



Staff at the social services section of the Health Center or CROUS are bound by rules of confidentiality. Their role is to listen, to welcome and to support students who are having problems during their studies.

Different types of aid available

Pour en savoir plus, Campus social


PHASE Service

To access the website, PHASE department

  • Students with a disability or a long-term illness
  • Elite student athletes (registered on the lists of the Ministry for the City, Youth and Sport) and those with a good level
  • Experienced artists
  • Students elected to central university councils.


Student Health Center (Espace Santé des Etudiants)

University preventive medicine and health promotion service (SUMPPS)


BACI (Welcome center for international researchers))


CAMPUS FRANCE (visas and residence permit (carte de séjour); housing; social security; bank account; health, etc.)

Rent deposit

VISALE is a free solution for student rental deposits.

1.VISALE is available to international students 

You must be aged between 18 and 30. 
Students who require a visa to come and study in France must have obtained a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) with the notation "mention étudiant" or "passeport talent"

For students who are citizens of a European Union country, it is sufficient to have a student card and a valid passport. 

2. VISALE can apply to private housing and to student residences 

The VISALE rental deposit is the ideal solution for students who intend to rent furnished or unfurnished accommodation, from an owner or a lessor, whether private or public. However, the owner or lessor is always free to accept or refuse a tenant using the VISALE scheme to present a guarantee on the payment of rent and charges.  

GOOD TO KNOW: CROUS has signed an agreement with VISALE. The guarantee presented by a foreign student wanting to rent a room in a CROUS student residence will always be accepted. 
3. It is not necessary to know your address in France before requesting VISALE

Some formalities can be completed before you arrive in France. In fact it is very important to complete them in advance as you will need to have obtained your VISALE eligibility certificate, called a "visa", before signing your lease.

It is recommended that you start the procedure to benefit from VISALE as soon as your VLS-TS visa is issued by the consulate.

4. The visa obtained via VISALE is completely different from the visa issued by the consulate

In order to study in France, some international students need a visa. This is a residence permit issued by the French consulate in the country where they live. This visa allows them to enter France and to reside here. 

The visa obtained via VISALE is a certificate that allows you to benefit from a student rental deposit. It does not allow you to enter France or to stay here.   

5. Request VISALE on line 

Here are the steps to benefit from VISALE in just a few clicks: 

  1. Connect to the website and create your personal space,
  2. Answer a questionnaire, upload your supporting documents and confirm your request,
  3. You will receive a VISALE eligibility certificate, called a "visa", within 2 to 15 days, 
  4. Check the validity period of your certificate and the amount of rent guaranteed,
  5. Print your certificate and present it to your landlord or lessor, if he is interested, before signing the lease,
  6. The landlord or lessor will then connect to to obtain his guarantee certificate
  7. Now the lease or the rental contract can be signed!

Open a bank account

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