Since 2019, all future supervisors who submit an application and intend to supervise a thesis (HDR or ADT) must follow a doctoral supervision training course, organized by the Graduate Research School.


Application for Authorization to supervise a thesis (ADT): 

As the status of director or co-director is not recognized by the Order of 25 May 2016, which recognizes only that of supervisor or co-supervisor, the Graduate Research School introduced a procedure for this purpose authorizing a person who does not have the HDR qualification to oversee a PhD student: authorization to supervise a thesis (ADT). The ADT is intended to recognize work as a fully participating director or co-director. It is awarded by the University Academic Council (CAc), after considering applications submitted to the doctoral school, which formulates an opinion that it passes on to the CAc. The University CAc deliberates 3 times a year. 

By obtaining an ADT, a researcher is effectively able to supervise or co-supervise a PhD student. It is only valid once (for 100% supervision or for 2 PhD students if the supervision is 50%) and must be followed up by an HDR defense before another student can be supervised. The ADT (without effective supervision) is awarded for a duration of 2 years, after which the applicant must re-apply if he intends to continue to supervise a student.

The application must include:

  1. Summary of scientific work:

ADT Summary act. scientific 2017 (118.00 Ko, doc)

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Copy of the diploma entitling candidate to apply for the HDR (PhD);
  3. List of publications to be referenced in accordance with recommendations of the candidate’s National Council of Universities (CNU) section

referencing format (23.33 Ko, docx)

  1. Motivation letter addressed to the President of the University of Bordeaux;
  2. Supporting letter from a guarantor (professor or research director) internal to the University of Bordeaux, giving a 2- to 3-page reasoned opinion of the quality of the application. This guarantor must not be the thesis supervisor.

These 6 documents must be numbered and presented in this order. Any other document will be rejected.

The application should be sent electronically (format pdf) to

The EDSP2 will appoint a reviewer (rapporteur) who may be internal or external to the University.

The application (and the reviewer’s report) will be put before the Doctoral School Council for their verdict, then, if approved it will be sent to the Graduate Research School, which will submit it to the University of Bordeaux Academic Council.

Warning: You must agree to register for the “Doctoral student supervision” training course.
Course schedule:

Updated on 22/11/2022


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