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Surveys on outcomes of ED SP2 PhD graduates

Every year, the Observatory of training and university life (OFVU) carries out surveys of PhD students who graduated between 3 and 3 and a half years previously. The results of these surveys are available at the following address:


Survey on 1st December 2019 of PhD graduates from 2016:

A more detailed analysis of the Class of 2016 shows that out of the 43 PhDs who responded to the survey, 39 had an employment contract.

Of the 39 graduates with an employment contract, 26 (66.7%) had a stable job, 1 was self-employed in a liberal profession, 3 were in unstable jobs and lastly, 9 were in post-doctoral research. Out of these 39 doctors, 36 (92.3%) were in a managerial post and 30 (76.9%) worked in the civil service.

Thirty-six had full-time jobs, and finally, 8 of the 39 (20%) were working abroad, thus confirming the international dynamism of the doctoral school.

The profiles were more or less the same for the Classes of 2014 and 2015 apart from the ratio of private/public sector jobs, with many more in the public sector for the Class of 2016.

Directory of PhD graduates

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