International assignments

Information on the treatment of requests for departures on assignments abroad

The DSF (Defense and Security Officer) gives an advice to the management of the establishment as soon as the mission is carried out in a risky area.

A classification of high-risk countries has been established by the establishment by crossing the classifications of France Diplomacy (4 levels) and of security companies with branches all over the world.
The establishment's risk zone classification table (also 4 levels) is available on the web page :

The data contained in this table is not static, it evolves according to the risks. It is advisable not to download the file but to systematically connect to the web page to have the latest table in force.
Any missionary enters the DSF by completing the form available online.

In the event of an unfavorable opinion from the DSF, the file is sent to a university crisis unit (vice-presidents involved in the protocol) to re-examine the request. The DSF will then ask for other supporting documents in order to re-examine the application (letter of motivation, letter of support from the laboratory, etc.). Sometimes when the country is a proven risk area, the DSF may ask for these additional documents when submitting the form.

Due to Covid-19, there are more countries classified as health risks with changes in classification that often fluctuate and sometimes rapidly.

The procedure is currently being revised.

Updated on 11/04/2022