Monitoring PhD students

In application of the decree of 26 August 2022 (modifying the decree of 25 May 2016) and the decisions of the ED Council, the annual follow-up of doctoral students has been modified by details concerning the individual thesis follow-up committees.

  • Interviews with the committees: from May to end of July.
  • Mandatory interviews at each registration renewal, starting at the end of the first year (already in force within the doctoral school).
  • Consultation of the doctoral student during the composition of the committee (already in force within the doctoral school).
  • Permanent composition and clarification of the quality of members: obligation to add a non-specialist member from outside the research field of the thesis. Device already existing within the doctoral school (tutor) extended if possible to all doctoral students: depending on the number of researchers and teacher-researchers accepting the role of tutor, prioritisation of first-time entrants 2022-2023, then doctoral students in their 3rd year, etc.; doctoral students may submit to the doctoral school, for agreement, and no later than mid-March 2023, the names of researchers or teacher-researchers from the University of Bordeaux or other institutions, provided that they have given their agreement in principle to be their tutor).
  • The interview takes place in 3 stages, including an interview with the thesis direction without the doctoral student.
  • Presence of thesis directors, co-directors and Cifre thesis company referents at the interviews with the committees without the tutors.
  • Vigilance in identifying any form of conflict, discrimination, moral or sexual harassment or sexist behaviour. As soon as the doctoral school becomes aware of acts of violence, discrimination, moral or sexual harassment or sexist behaviour, it reports them to the institution's anti-discrimination and sexual violence unit.


The individual follow-up of the ED varies according to the situation of the PhD students in 2023/2024. The procedure, for each situation, is detailed in the document "Procedure 2023 Doctoral follow-up":

  • Re-enrolment in 2nd, 3rd year and more
  • Derogatory re-registration
  • Gap year in 2023/2024
  • Thesis defence planned between September and December


For administrative simplification, the "doctoral student activity report" and "monitoring committee report" forms have been merged into a single "Annual doctoral student monitoring report" form.
The procedure for dispensing with the interview with the monitoring committee for any defence scheduled between January and the end of March (end of Covid extension) has also been ended: the re-registration procedure applies.
Doctoral students in the final year of their thesis with a defence scheduled between September and December do not have to apply for re-registration but must submit a schedule for the defence.


Detailed monitoring procedure, reports, guide for committees can be downloaded: 


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