Funding your thesis

Funding the thesis (compulsory in many disciplinary fields) is the guarantee that PhD students can devote themselves exclusively to research and to their doctoral training.

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Some doctoral training programs allow PhD students to enroll for a thesis with no funding in place, as is the case for EDSP2. However, the ED Director will explore all possible avenues in order to assess the material and financial feasibility of the student’s completing the thesis.

There are many sources of funding:

  • The candidate can apply for the ED competitive exam or obtain funding related to his status (e.g. employee in a company/CIFRE contract, foreign student/grant from the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie/foreign government grant, etc.).
  • The thesis supervisor of the future PhD student may have funding available in response to a call for applications (region, national research agency (ANR), etc.)

The funding of a thesis results in an employment contract which may take several forms. The doctoral contract is the best form of contract to choose.

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Other possible funding sources

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