The doctoral program provides training both in research and through research. It provides students with top level scientific expertise and solid professional skills to prepare for integration into academic or socioeconomic settings.

The Order of 25 May 2016 sets out the national framework for training and the procedures leading up to the awarding of the national diploma of doctorate.

The doctorate or PhD is prepared in a doctoral school run by accredited institutions, within a research unit or team and under the responsibility of a thesis supervisor attached to this school.

It involves personal research carried out by the PhD student complemented by training courses validated by the doctoral school. The doctorate is sanctioned by the awarding of the national doctorate diploma which gives its holder the grade and title of Doctor. 

The doctoral charter of the University of Bordeaux describes everyone’s rights and obligations. It is signed by all those involved after completion of the recruitment process.

An SP2 Doctoral School welcome booklet has been designed to facilitate the integration of doctoral students by providing them with the following information

  • Who does what at the EDSP2?
  • General presentation of the doctoral school
  • How to register?
  • Training, events and financial aid
  • Defense procedures
  • Practical information

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Updated on 30/06/2022